ON SITE WASHOUT  is operating from Santa Cruz, California.  We now manufacture three
Environment Friendly Portable Concrete Washout Systems.  Patents have been issued and are
pending on other systems.

The founder is Kim Leonardich who owns and has managed Concrete Pumping Businesses
running multiple Concrete Boom and Trailer Pumps for over
42 years.  While disposal of waste
concrete and contaminated washout water has always been a problem in the concrete industry,
he noticed that local government, EPA and job site regulations were becoming more stringent
while fewer options for a pump washout were available.  After spending more and more time
looking for places to wash out his Concrete Trailer Pumps and the loss of income this caused,
Kim came up with ideas for three self-contained Environment Friendly Portable Concrete
Washout  Systems.

Prototypes of the Portable Concrete Washout Systems which were tested on actual job sites,    
have been praised by Builders, Contractors, Concrete Trailer Pump Operators and Ready Mix
Providers everywhere it is used.  
Environment Friendly Portable Concrete Washout Systems